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March 2020

This page provides linkages to my research in health economics and urban economics.


I am also now working in health economics education and I presented my work at the July 2014 joint iHEA/ECHE meetings in Dublin, the July 2015 iHEA meetings in Milano, and the June 2016 ASHEcon meetings in Philadelphia. We achieved a very successful a full day session at the July 2017 iHEA meetings in Boston, and the 2018 ASHEcon meetings in Atlanta in June 2018. We will be conducting a pre-conference session on active learning methods at the 2019 iHEA meetings in Basel, Switzerland.


I was also invited to join the American Economic Association’s Committee on Economic Education for a three-year term starting in January 2019.



My curriculum vita.


Clicking on the following tab will take you to a directory of working paper publications, or you may go to the original publication below in PDF format.

Andrew Court Hedonic Price Article

Many people have sought to locate the original hedonic price article by Andrew Court, published in 1939. My scanned copy is available as Court_Hedonic.pdf. It is discussed in detail in a 1998 Journal of Urban Economics article, available through Science Direct (Elsevier).



·                                             “Building an International Health Economics Teaching Network,” (Emma Frew, Maia Platt, Heather Brown, Allen C. Goodman, Elizabeth Seidler, Joanne Spetz, Di McIntyre), Health Economics. 2018;27:919–922. .


·                                             Location of Health Professionals: The Supply Side,” (with Brent C. Smith), Regional Science and Urban Economics. This is a cross-over among health, urban/regional, and labor economics, on location patterns of health professionals. Also at RSUE.

·                                             Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept in a Patient-Centered Blood Pressure Control Study,” (Julie Gleason-Comstock, Alicia Streater, Allen C. Goodman, et al., BMC Health Services Research, (2017) 17:538 DOI 10.1186/s12913-017-2451-5.

·                                             The Economics of Health and Health Care, 8th Edition, co-authored with Sherman Folland and Miron Stano, Routledge (Taylor & Francis). Contact the publisher for desk copies and for password access to the instructor’s materials, which include teaching tips and a multiple choice test bank.


·                             “Screening and Treatment for Subclinical Hypertensive Heart Disease in Emergency Department Patients with Uncontrolled Blood Pressure: A Cost Effectiveness Analysis” (Michael Twiner, Phillip Levy, Allen C. Goodman et al.), Academic Emergency Medicine.


·         Patient Education and Follow-up as an Intervention for Hypertensive Patients Discharged from an Emergency Department: A Randomized Control Trial Study Protocol.” (Gleason-Comstock, Julie, Alicia Streater, Joel Ager, Allen Goodman, Aaron Brody, Laura Kivell, Aniruddha Paranjpe, Jasmine Vickers, LynnMarie Mango, Rachelle Dawood, and Phillip Levy), BMC Emergency Medicine, (2015) 15:38 DOI 10.1186/s12873-015-0052-3


·         A Few Goodmen: Surname-Sharing Economist Coauthors.” Allen C. Goodman, Joshua Goodman, Lucas Goodman, and Sarena Goodman, Economic Inquiry 53 (2) (April 2015): 1392-1395, (ISSN 0095-2583) doi:10.1111/ecin.12167 © 2014 Western Economic Association International. We presented this paper at the “Humor in Economics” session of the AEA meetings on January 4, 2015. In the picture are Lucas, Allen, Sarena, and Joshua [Goodman].


·         Relationship Between Urban Land Price and Housing Price: Evidence from 21 Provincial Capitals in China. Haizhen Wen and Allen C. Goodman in Habitat International.

·         Is there an S in Housing Supply or What on Earth Happened in Detroit?”, Journal of Housing Economics.



      • Goodman, Allen C., “Health Economics –Methods for a New Field,” in Hoyt, Gail and KimMarie McGoldrick, Eds. The International Handbook on Teaching and Learning Economics, December 2011.
      • Goodman, Allen C., “Housing Demand,” in the Encyclopedia of Housing, Second Edition, Andrew Carswell, Ed., Sage Publications, 2012.


      • Goodman, Allen C. and Brent C. Smith, “Residential Mortgage Default: Theory Works and So does Policy,” Using a national loan level data set we examine loan default as explained by local demographic characteristics and state level legislation that regulates foreclosure procedures and predatory lending, using a hierarchical linear model. When controlling for loan and local conditions, we observe significant variation in the default rate across states, with lower default levels in states with higher temporal and financial costs to lenders. State level legislative influences provide a foundation for discussion of national level policy that further regulates predatory lending and financial institution foreclosure activities. “Hierarchical Modeling of Residential Default: Does State Level Foreclosure and Predatory Lending Legislation Limit Bad Loans?” Journal of Housing Economics, 19 (2010): 280-294.




      • The Spatial Proximity of Metropolitan Housing Markets – This work, joint with Thomas G. Thibodeau, examines housing markets defined by both supply and demand considerations. It is in Real Estate Economics (2007).
      • John M. Tilford, Mary E. Aitken, Allen C. Goodman, Jeffrey B. Killingsworth, Jerril W. Green, and P. David Adelson “Child Health-Related Quality of Life Following Neurocritical Care for Traumatic Brain Injury: An Analysis of Preference-Weighted Outcomes,” Neurocritical Care, January 2007.
      • Kaan Tunceli, Cathy Bradley, Jennifer E. Lafata, Manel Pladevall, Allen C. Goodman, George Divine, and Sandeep VijanGlycemic Control and Absenteeism among Individuals with Diabetes,” Diabetes Care, February 2007.


      • Goodman, Allen C., The Other Side of Eight Mile – This January 2005 AREUEA presentation looks at suburban housing supply. It appears in 2005 Real Estate Economics.
      • Goodman, Allen C., Central Cities and Housing Supply – This January 2003 AREUEA presentation was updated as of July 2005. It appears in the December 2005 Journal of Housing Economics.
      • John M. Tilford, Mary E. Aitken, K.J.S. Anand, Jerril W. Green, Allen C. Goodman, James G. Parker, Jeffrey B. Killingsworth, Debra H. Fiser, P. David Adelson, “Hospitalizations for Critically Ill Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Longitudinal Analysis,” Critical Care Medicine 33 (9) (2005): 2074-2081.





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“Valuation of Neighborhood Characteristics Through

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Optimal Mortgage Design When Transactions Costs Constrain

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“An Analysis of Short Run Alcoholism Treatment Cost Functions

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“The Benefit and Cost of Prostate Cancer Early Detection,”

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The Co-op Discount,” (Allen C. Goodman and John L. Goodman

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New Estimates of Cross-National Health Expenditures:

Income and Price Elasticities,” Wayne State University, 2000,

referenced in The Economics of Health and Health Care,

3rd and 4th Editions.     


The Economics of Health and Health Care

    • I co-author The Economics of Health and Health Care, 8th Edition,with Sherman Folland and Miron Stano. Contact the publisher (Routledge) for desk copies and for password access to the instructor’s materials, which include teaching tips and a multiple choice test bank.

Interesting Sites 

Health Economics sites. The governmental agencies have excellent sites, often providing up-to-date information long before it is available in print.

For example, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services data site is, the NIDA site is, and so on.

Another excellent site is the Kaiser Family Foundation, at

 Housing Economics sites.



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